How Technology Is Improving Our Health

An interesting article which shows how technology is applied in the beauty industry, improving our looks. And that's not all! Read the article, and you will discover that automatic blood pressure devices, which are able to measure, record and share blod pressure data, are here to stay. People with kidney-related problems can make use of the "My Food Coach" app, which was developed by the National Kidney Foundation.

China dominates the top supercomputers list

China is now the country which has the largest number of computers in the world's top 500 fastest computers. The Chinese people have 202 of the world's fastest computers, while the US has 143. The third spot was taken by Japan with 35 computers. The Germans took the 4th spot with 20 supercomputers. There is a simple explanation for this change: China has invested a lot of money into research and development lately - close to a quarter of the entire world's investment into R&D!

Apple’s FaceID technology hacked?

So, you've purchased the new iPhone X - great! I wish I'd have that kind of money... Anyway, it looks like Apple's claims concerning FaceID aren't that exact. According to the company, there is a chance in a million of having your iPhone unlocked by another person. Any yet, a group of researchers in Vietnam have released a video of a mask which, according to them, can bypass the FaceID locking technology. We can only hope that this is just a hoax...

Is Technology Going to Destroy More Jobs Than Ever Before?

"No Need To Panic". That's how the author starts her article. Sure, robots have taken some of our jobs, but technology also helps create new jobs! A recent study shows that the total number of jobs has remained pretty much the same during the last two decades.

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