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Find out how technology is improving our health, starting with the beauty industry and moving on to blood pressure devices and intelligent apps that can help people with kidney-related problems live a better life.

People who have purchased a new iPhone have discovered the "Security recommendation" notices. Read this article to understand what these messages mean and why they should be taken seriously. According to, Wi-Fi security is now the second most important negative aspect of wireless networks.

Android's built-in encryption app is finally good enough to be used for real-life scenarios. The encryption mechanism uses the same code routines that are utilized to encrypt Linux's kernel, so it should be good enough for most people's needs. It's true that a phone isn't a computer - it's not powered off regularly, and this could decrease its security. Find out how to encrypt your Android smartphone by reading this guide.

Did you know that your ISP is now allowed to collect, and then sell logs that contain your Internet browsing history? Here's a link to an article that explains it all. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your online privacy intact. This guide discusses Virtual Private Networks, also known as VPNs, in great detail. We tell you what is a VPN, how does it work, and how to choose the best virtual network service provider, depending on its ability of offering location change services, the number of VPN servers, full anonymity, data security and anonymous payment options.
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